Could you write a book on your target customers?

May 2, 2020 |  Categories:  business  

Living in Boston, it's pretty easy to keep tabs on the local startup scene. One of the companies that routinely grabs my attention is Drift

They're just out there. They started with the Seeking Wisdom podcast and expanded that to a whole suite of podcasts on various disciplines within tech. They have the Hypergrowth conference in 3 cities. Not to mention all of the typical content marketing.

One of the things that recently struck me was the number of books that they've authored. You can see them all right here. They've so deeply gotten to know their customers that they have written over 20 books. It's a pretty amazing feat for someone to write even one book but, they are so attune to their target market of Sales and Marketing professionals that they've written entire books with deep insights on their customers. They cover wide ranging topics like how marketing and sales executives buy, what sales reps can do to run effective meetings, how marketers and effectively email market.

You could look at this and think "Yeah, it's just a new flavor of content marketing". Even if that may be the case, they're demonstrating that they know their customers and are there to help and not just in exchange for cash. They're going beyond the limits of their paid offering does to help businesses and telling individual users and buyers "If you want to get better at your job, we're here with tips to help you out (for free, I might add)".

As a customer, that's the sort of supplier I want on my side. Someone who understands me and has something deep to offer, even if I'm not a paying customer today. They're winning trust.

Could you write a book on your target customers? Do you know them so well that you could write multiple volumes on various facets of how they think and operate. Could you help them be better at their jobs, even outside of your main offering?

What other companies have you seen that have literally written the book on their customers?