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I have always loved technology. I was that kid that my parents and neighbors asked about new cell phones and computers. I followed Engadget religiously and always knew about the latest and greatest gadgets. In high-school, that passion manifested itself in my choice to take my first computer science classes. That first exposure to coding made me declare a computer science major when I started college.

However, after a co-op working as a software developer, I quickly realized that I didn't like being behind a computer for 8 hours each day. My co-workers and professors recommended I try project management or business analysis. I took a software project management class over the summer and quickly changed my major to information science, effectively starting down the project management route.

For my next two co-ops I worked in the project management field starting as an analyst in a project management office and then moving into a project manager role. I am unafraid to role up my sleeves and jump into code, but I love working with people and leading teams to deliver new, innovating, software systems. Now that I have graduated, I am looking to continue on this trajectory, looking for full-time roles in Product Management or Project Management at a tech company. Interested in hearing more? Check out my resume or LinkedIn and send me an e-mail


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